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Autocad Toolbars

Tools used in the construction of drawings in AutoCAD are held in toolbars. The list of available toolbars is shown in the menu. This menu is called to screen with a right-click on any toolbar already on screen. Toolbars already on screen are shown by ticks against their names in the menu. To call a new toolbar to screen left-click on its name in the menu.
It has also been selected in the Button Image list. A click on Edit in the Button Image area of the dialog brings an enlarged image of the selected icon into a new dialog. Above the enlarged icon is a set of tools
with which the icon can be edited. Other customisations can be effected through the Customize Use Interface dialog. Note that if you experiment
with these customisations do not save them unless they are required by the operator.
When a toolbar is selected from the menu it appears on screen. By dragging on cursors which appear at the edges of the toolbar, when the cursor hairs under mouse movement are placed in position, the shape of the toolbar can be changed.
Toolbars in the drawing area of the AutoCAD window are said to be floating.

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