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AutoCAD Design Center

The AutoCAD Design Center (ADC), similar to the Windows Explorer in appearance, provides a more intuitive and efficient dialog interface in  which you can “mine your design.” With ADC you can easily view and copy data from any drawing¾open or not. You can list drawing content such as blocks, layer definitions, layouts, and xrefs from sources as varied as local machines, network drives, and even Internet sites. You can then simply drag and drop any of these components from one drawing file into any currently open file. Additional automation is provided for blocks: if both block and destination drawing have units assigned, the block automatically scales to match the drawing units. You benefit by being able
to easily and quickly extract and reuse previously completed work.
The AutoCAD DesignCenter also provides a powerful, timesaving Find tool that enables you to search for drawings using drawing content information such as a layer name or block name, summary information such as subject or title, or by drawing date. Once the drawing is found, you can load it into ADC and then drag and drop the entire drawing or any of its components, such as blocks or layers, directly into the currently open drawing. For frequently used drawings and locations, ADC provides a Favorites feature giving you direct access to your most commonly used data. These features not only save significant amounts of time by making it easy to find and reuse existing content, they also enhance collaborative projects where standardization is important.
AutoCAD 2000 Preview Guide

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