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The Toolbar Fly-Out Menus

Notice that one icon on the Standard toolbar has a little triangular arrow in the lower-right corner. This arrow indicates that clicking this icon displays more than one command. Follow these steps to see how this special icon works:
-Move the cursor to the Standard toolbar, and point to the icon that has a magnifying glass with a rectangle in it.
-Rest the arrow on the button for a moment without clicking. A small window opens just below it, displaying the command the button represents.
In this case, the window should say Zoom Window. This is a tool tip—all buttons have them. Notice the small arrow in the lowerright corner of the icon. This is the multiple-command arrow mentioned earlier.
-Place the arrow cursor on the button, and hold down the left mouse button. A column of nine buttons opens vertically below the original button . The top button in the column is a duplicate of the button you clicked. This column of buttons is called a toolbar fly-out menu. In this example, you’re working with the Zoom toolbar
fly-out menu.

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