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Selection tab of the Options dialog box AutoCAD 2012

Sometimes it is difficult to select objects in a drawing. Usually a repeated succession of trial and error in which an object is selected, it is discovered that is not appropriate, press Escape and returns to test. If your key is worn ESC, you will love the facilities for select objects in AutoCAD 2012. there visual cues with information dynamics that help to describe the appropriate objects on the first try.
Hovering over an object, it highlighted so that you can see it well before
designate. Rollover highlighting helps minimize errors and to selection
accurately predict the functionality of the selection. An added advantage is the ability to distinguish an entire object (as a closed polyline) of individual objects (such as line segments) without really need to select them. When selecting multiple objects, a new semitransparent selection window clearly identifies the selection area. the selection behavior of objects can be modified with new controls Selection tab of the Options dialog box.

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