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Selecting objects in AutoCAD

Selecting images in AutoCAD almost the same as making an image block.
Selection image is taken to make modifications to the object in question.
There are three ways to select the image that we can apply autocad job in the screen.
1. click
Here we have to direct the mouse pointer to one of the object to be selected and then click.
This method is effective to select only one object only. When the object to be selected much the way we are no longer effective.

2. Windows

We have to make some sort of window on the object to be our selection.
same way when we zoom windows object that is on the left click on the object then drag the bottom right crosses to the object and then click.
condition all the object would we choose must be included in the room windows that we make, if not, of course not selected will participate.

3. Crossing

We are selecting the image from the right object .
In this way the object is exposed to crossing the line will still be selected even if slightly.
Crossing the line that forms the hidden line.

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