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The Ribbon

The ribbon is turned on by default when you start the software in either the 2D Drafting & Annotation or the 3D Modeling workspace. The ribbon is organized into a series of tabs. Each tab includes a different set of panels with related commands and controls that may be found on the Classic AutoCAD toolbars and dialog boxes.
You can turn the tabs and associated panels on the ribbon on or off by right-clicking on the ribbon area and selecting Tabs or Panels to select the desired options. You can also turn Panel Titles on or off by right-clicking the Panel tabs. Additionally you can save your Ribbon configuration.
Each tab on the ribbon has its own set of panels that contain groups of related tools, such as those used for 2D drawing, adding text, or adding dimensions. Some panels can be expanded to display more tools. Likewise some tools can be expanded for more options, such as the Circle tool as indicated by an a rrow in the corner of the icon.
Identifies the purpose and name of the control panel.
Contains groups of related tools associated with the selected tools.
More tools
Click and hold the down arrow to display more tools and options in the selected

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