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Moving Objects in Autocad 2012

Move command allows us to position the object in the image by choosing the base point, where the object moving from, followed by a colon to specify where the object is moving in what direction. we can select two points, or use the options from the command line option Displacement. If we use the Displacement option, coordinate values ​​that we put to determine the relative distance and direction of our chosen base point.
Another option is to use the grip to reposition the object. if we choose the grip and then activate
And select the Move command to move the grip position and the selected object.

Command Line: MOVE, M
Ribbon: Home tab> Modify panel> Move
Menu Bar: Modify> Move
Shortcut Menu: Select the object then right click anywhere in the drawing window and click Move.

Procedures to move with Move Command Objects
The steps we have to do to move the objects in the image with the Move command.
1.Di ribbon, click the Home tab> Modify panel> Move.
2.Select the object that will be moved and press ENTER to end object selection.
3.Specify a base point (from where the object starts to move).
4.Specify a second point (where the object will be moved).
Result, the object is moved to a new point.

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