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Labels give the crosshairs

Sometimes we feel less satisfied with the look of the crosshair by default because looks less good, standard. Actually, we can modify to clarify the position by adding a crosshair or axis label, from a horizontal x, y be the vertical, z be the axis.

The steps we have to do is:
Click the Tools menu> Options
dialog box will appear, 3D Modeling Tab in the Options dialog box
Crosshairs on a 3D area, select Label Axes In Standard crosshairs.
To create a label on the Crosshair labels, select Use custom labels.
Replace the fuse three options, from a horizontal x, y be the vertical, z be the axis
3D Crosshairs
Controls settings for the display style of the crosshairs pointer in 3D operations.
Show Z Axis in Crosshairs
Controls whether the Z axis is displayed by the crosshairs pointer.
Label Axes in Standard Crosshairs
Controls whether axis labels are displayed with the crosshairs pointer.

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