Sometimes we feel less satisfied with the look of the crosshair by default because looks less good, standard. Actually, we can modify to clarify the position by adding a crosshair or axis label, from a horizontal x, y be the vertical, z be the axis.

The steps we have to do is:
Click the Tools menu> Options
dialog box will appear, 3D Modeling Tab in the Options dialog box
Crosshairs on a 3D area, select Label Axes In Standard crosshairs.
To create a label on the Crosshair labels, select Use custom labels.
Replace the fuse three options, from a horizontal x, y be the vertical, z be the axis
3D Crosshairs
Controls settings for the display style of the crosshairs pointer in 3D operations.
Show Z Axis in Crosshairs
Controls whether the Z axis is displayed by the crosshairs pointer.
Label Axes in Standard Crosshairs
Controls whether axis labels are displayed with the crosshairs pointer.

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