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After opening the template acad.dwt in the program's environment there are several areas should be highlighted, you are:
1. Application Menu: This menu provides convenient access to a variety of tools for managing files, arranged in a handy list vertical menus.
a) Search Menu: a query tool, which allows search the archives of the Customizing the User Interface CUI, multiple relations program of a particular command or key term (Key Term).
b) Recent Documents and Open Documents: allows to view and access recently used documents, open, featuring pre icons display small or large, which facilitates their recognition.
c) visualization tool pre-view the files pre-mode display, as small icons and icons.
d) Tools menu:
New: create new drawing files.
Open: Open drawing files and sheet sets.
Save: Save drawing files.
Save as: save files in different formats.
Export: export AutoCAD files to other formats.
Print: Print on various types of drawing files.
Publish: Publishing files.
Send: sending electronic files.
Drawing Utilities: Tools for record keeping.
Close: close the current file.
e) Options: Opens the Options dialog box, which controls 10 chips in various aspects of the operation of AutoCAD.
f) Exit AutoCAD: Button to exit the program.

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