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Copy objects from another drawing

We can use the Clipboard to move and copy objects from one image to another.
We can also copy objects from one picture to another by using drag-and-drop.
The easiest way is to open both images and then select the View tab> Windows panel> Tile Vertically> object.
We select the object you want copied, navigate to one of the drawing area and drag the second image. However, here we do not
have much control over the exact placement of the new object.

To control the placement of objects that will be copied, steps should we do:
- Select what you want We copy.
- Right click and select Copy with base point on the shortcut menu.
- Specify the base point with an object snap to become more precise.
- Then we turn to the second image.
- Right click on the image area and select Paste. At the prompt for the insertion point, specify the insertion point by selecting it, using the object snap.

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