With AutoCAD, we can easily rotate an object or objects around a base point we specify.
Base point is usually the object snap points on an object to show the rotation and determining the rotation angle.
By default, zero degrees is to the right, and the degree will be increased in the opposite direction.
To change the default, select Application Button> Drawing Utilities> Units. By setting a negative angle, we can rotate the object clockwise.

To rotate the object,
select the Home tab> Modify panel> Rotate.
Or, select an object and then select Rotate.
At the Specify base point: prompt, shows a central point for the object that we play.
At the Specify rotation angle or [Copy / Reference]: prompt, type the angle in the command line.

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  • Lengthened by increasing the length of a line that we set.
    We can change the length of the line determined by the difference, measured from the end point that is closest to the point of selection.
    Delta can also change the angle of the arc with a certain increase, measured from the end closest to the point of selection.

    Steps we have to do is:
    From the menu: Modify> Lengthen

    Command: LENGTHEN
    Select an object or [Delta / Percent / Total / Dynamic]:
    Current length: 23.0210
    Select an object or [Delta / Percent / Total / Dynamic]: de
    Enter delta length or [Angle]> 60.0000, 25
    Select an object to change or [Undo]:

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  • Polar tracking serves to restrict the movement of the cursor to a certain angle. PolarSnap to limit cursor movement to the degree of precision along the polar angle.
    By using polar tracking and PolarSnap, we can create geometry with precision and make the entries more efficiently coordinate.
    To use this feature, we need to adjust and change the option using the buttons Status bar.
    Use polar tracking and PolarSnap, we can accurately draw the previous geometry without having to enter complex coordinates.

    Steps we have to do is:

    Menu Bar: Tools> Drafting Settings> Polar Tracking tab
    Keyboard Shortcut: F10
    Status Bar: Polar Tracking: Right-click> Settings

    We can use polar tracking to track the polar angle with an increase of 90, 60, 45, 30, 15, 10, and 5 degrees and others in accordance with the angle that we set.

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