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Visual reference

The method we just used to create the freehand sketch is known as the interactive method, where we use the cursor to specify locations on the screen. This method is
perhaps the fastest way to specify locations on the screen. However, it is rather difficult to try to create a line of a specific length by watching the displayed coordinates. It would be helpful to know what one inch or one meter looks like on the screen while we are creating entities. AutoCAD® 2005 provides us with many tools to aid the construction of our designs. 
We will use the GRID and SNAP options to get a visual reference as to the size of objects and learn to restrict the movement of the cursor to a set increment on the screen. The Status Bar area is located at the bottom of the AutoCAD drawing screen. The words SNAP, GRID, ORTHO, POLAR, OSNAP, OSNAP, OTRACK, LWT and MODEL appearing to the right of the coordinates are buttons that we can left-click to turn these
special options ON and OFF. When the corresponding button is highlighted, the specific option is turned ON. These buttons act as toggle switches; each click of the button will toggle the option ON or OFF. Using the buttons is a quick and easy way to make changes to these drawing aid options. We can toggle the options on and off in the middle of another command.

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