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PAN command

PAN command to move the view of the direction and distance that we do not show change the magnification. Real-time panning motion pictures when you move the cursor.

Just like panning the video camera, panning the image we just change the position of the view we draw, not the location or object in the image magnification.
We can shift the image in real time.
To see a part of our current picture is not visible, we can use the Pan.
To explore means means we have to move the screen without changing the magnification.
Pan to see different parts of our pictures are not visible.

To browse images, select the Update Pan from the Standard toolbar. cursor
changes in the hand. Place your cursor anywhere in our picture, then click and drag on
direction we want the object to go. Press Shift while you pan to restrict panning to
vertical or horizontal direction. Pan can be used transparently, while we are in the middle
other commands.

Ribbon: View tab> Navigate 2D panel> Pan
Menu: View> Pan> Realtime
Toolbar: Standard

Press Esc or Enter to exit, or right-click to display the shortcut menu.

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