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QDIM or Quick Dimensioning

Creates a series of dimensions quickly from selected objects.
Dimensioning is one of the most time-consuming but vital drawing tasks for a designer. The new QDIM
command can greatly reduce this time and boost productivity significantly. QDIM enables you to create several dimensions with a simple selection of geometry. In many instances, the QDIM command can
substitute for a conventional dimensioning procedure, greatly reducing the number of screen picks
required to place dimensioning elements. QDIM supports the rapid creation of a number of dimensioning
modes including staggered, baseline, and ordinate among others. For example, to dimension the part below required just four mouse-clicks. And with the new Dimensioning Shortcut menu, an additional right-click provides elements such as the Dimension style or precision to be quickly changed.

Ribbon: Annotate tab > Dimensions panel > Quick Dimension
Menu: Dimension > Quick Dimension
Toolbar: Dimension