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The FILLET command creates rounded corners, replacing part of two lines with an arc. Fillets are often
used in mechanical drawings. In certain cases, you can use FILLET instead of the ARC command to create
arcs. As with CHAMFER, you can fillet lines, xlines, rays, and polylines — they can even be parallel. You
can also fillet circles, arcs, elliptical arcs, and ellipses.

We can use the Fillet command to connect two objects quickly.
Ribbon: Home tab> Modify panel> Fillet icon

Type 'F' in the command will appear:
Command: f
From the Menu Bar select Modify> Fillet

Current settings: Mode = TRIM, Radius = 0.0000
Select first object or [Undo / polyline / Radius / Trim / Multiple]: type r

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