Other methods of ensuring accuracy between parts of constructions are by making use of Object Snaps (Osnaps), AutoSnap and Dynamic Input (DYN).
Snap, Grid, Osnap and DYN can be set from the buttons in the status bar or by pressing the keys F3 (Osnap), F7 (Grid), F9 (Snap) and F12 (DYN). Object Snaps (Osnaps)
When Dynamic Input ON (Active), formed on the screen area box command (command box).
Type L> Press Enter
Click the left mouse button places the screen drawing, the initial free point.
Left click on mouse
In the Monitor screen will pop up box contents> Type 33.5 <0 Press enter Type 135 <90, Press enter Type 33.5 <180, Press enter Type 42.7 <210, Press enter Type 42 <21, Press enter Type C, Press enter

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