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change the dimension style

To start changing the Dimension Styles, click the Dimension Styles drop-down menu on the dimensions of the tab Annotation panel or the Home tab Annotation panel, and then select Styles dimensions we want to use.
The dimensions of the existing remains unchanged, but each new dimension that we add a new dimension will use the style we have chosen. We can create a variant of Styles dimensions for certain types of dimensions, such as leader dimension or dimensions of the corner.

The steps we have to do is:
1. Select the Annotate tab> Dimensions pane, and click the dialog box launcher arrow at the right side of the panel's title bar.
2. Click on New.
3. Select the type of dimension that we want to use from the drop-down list with a new variant.
4. KlikContinue.
5. Make changes to the text that we want.
6. Click OK to return to the Dimension Style Manager. Here we can see the variant dimension style.
7. Click Close.

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