Osnap or snap objects from AutoCAD is a facility that helps us to determine a point on the object That We Do can be locked precisely in the position we want ..
Osnaps allows objects to be added to the image in the right position in relation to other existing objects on the screen.
With osnaps, objects can be added to the endpoint, midpoint, to the intersection of objects, to the centers and the quadrant of the circle and so on.
Otmatis Osnap can be activated from the menu Tools> Drafting Setings> Object Snap Tab
or via the Command line: "OSNAP" / "OS". To activate it, click on the check box "Object Snap On".
We can also easily change the status of OSNAP be ON or OFF by pressing the "F3" tab or "OSNAP" at the bottom of the screen.
Under conditions of active OSNAP, AutoCAD Will display the snap points on an object When We Draw.
Osnap also be raised on the flyout menu with menkan the shift key on the keyboard and click the right mouse button simultaneously.

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