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Create a circle

Use the Circle command to create a circle.
When we start the Circle command, we are asked to choose the midpoint, then specify the radius.
We use the method of data input to the input values.
Command Line: C CIRCLE or
On the Menu Bar: Draw> Circle> choose option
On the Ribbon: Home tab> Draw panel> Circle
Circle Command Options
Options circle can be accessed from the drop down Circle button.
Circle the option can be selected from the shortcut menu (right click) or typed on the command line.

Circle default is run from the command line. We define the center point and radius to make a circle.
If we menentukankan Circle option from the drop-down menu, the button remains visible in the toolbar panel.
After determining the center of the Circle, just press ENTER, if we want a circle into the same size as the last circle is created.
or Once we determine the center point, type D and press ENTER if we are going to enter the diameter of the circle.

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