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CAD Database and the User Coordinate System

Designs and drawings created in CAD ​​systems are usually defined and stored using a set of points is called the world space.
In CAD ​​systems, world space is defined using three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system.
Three mutually perpendicular axes, usually referred to as X-, Y-, and Z-axes, Intersection of the three coordinate axes form a point called the origin.
Each point in world space can then be defined as distance from the origin in X-, Y-and Z directions.
In the CAD system, the direction of the arrow shown on the axis identify the positive direction of the coordinates.
Icon near the bottom left corner of the default AutoCAD graphics window
showed positive X-direction and positive Y-direction coordinate system
is active.
In AutoCAD, coordinate system used to create entities called the user coordinate system (UCS).
By default, the user coordinate system in line with world coordinate
system (WCS). world coordinate system coordinate system used by AutoCAD as the basis for defining all the objects.

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