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1. Space model serves to indicate the current working environment is a model space.
2. Layout serves to show the current working environment paper space
3. Quick View Layouts that we can see some quick and convenient layout of the same file
4. Quick View Drawings which we can view multiple files simultaneously quickly.
5. Pan allows us to use the framing command in real time.
6. Zoom function to activate the Zoom command.
7. SteeringWheel serves to tools to navigate around the three-dimensional model, includes commands such as Zoom and Orbit
8. ShowMotion embuat and rotate function to view the animation is saved.
9. Annotation Scale function to set the scale of annotative objects.
10. Annotation Visibility function to display annotative objects at all scales ..
11. Scale Auto Annotation serves to add object automatically scales the explanation, when the scale of the image changes.
12. Workspace Switching function to switch between work environments
13. Toolbar / Windows locking position and locked toolbars and tool palettes.
14. Clean Screen function to clean the bar screen and the tool palette.

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