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Keyboard Input

Using the keyboard is helping a lot of work you do in AutoCAD, You could use a few keystrokes more often than others.

special button
You use the following keys most often. This button has a special meaning for the software.
-Use the ESC key to cancel all current action and return to the Command: prompt.
-Press the ENTER key to follow all keyboard input.
You will also resolve many of the command by pressing ENTER.
Pressing SPACEBAR-equivalent to pressing the ENTER key and often easier to use.
-Pressing the SPACEBAR or ENTER at the Command: prompt to repeat the last command used.
-Pressing the Up and Down arrow keys to cycle through previously used commands.
-the TAB key is very useful to navigate in the dialog box. You must use the TAB key to move
from field to field. Be careful to not press ENTER.

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