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Drawing Arcs

ARC command offers several methods for determining the arc. The method we choose depends
on the information we have about the arc that we want pictures.
When we begin to command the ARC, we have two choices, Start Point and center.
Depending on how we started.
We also can press Enter on the first arc prompt to draw a second arc starting from the endpoint
drawn from the most recent arc, line, polyline, or other objects. The new arc continues in
same direction as the end of the first object. Prompt nothing but the end point.
To draw an arc, select Arc from the Draw toolbar
When drawing an arc by using the Start, End, and the choice of Radius, three specifications
actually defines two possible arcs, one small and one large. ARC command attractive
small arc by default, in the opposite direction.
Command: a
ARC Specify start point of arc or [Center]: Click on the line (1)
Specify second point of arc or [Center / End]: click on the line (2)
Specify end point of arc: click on the line (3)

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