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Using the Command Window AutoCAD 2012

Command Window is where we give information to AutoCAD and AutoCAD will ask us to do the next step in making the image command.
Command window is located directly below the drawing area.
Command window is separate from the image area.
We can drag a command window to another place on the big screen and change its size.
If we have less than three lines of text in the window, and we want to turn it into more than three lines
step we have to do is move the cursor to the horizontal to the boundary between the image area and the command window until cursor turns into an arrow on the bottom.
Hold the left mouse button and drag the cursor according to a line of text that we want, if it is desired release the left mouse button.
When we are done using AutoCAD and close the program, AutoCAD will save the new settings that we widen the command window.

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