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Set up the Drawing Limits

Set up the Drawing Limits are set to draw a boundary that serves to control the extents of the grid view.
In addition it also serves as a visual reference that marks the work area, defining the area to be printed.
Steps we need to do in the set up drawing limits are:
1. In the pull-down menu, please select the format> Drawing Limits
2. At the command prompt area, at the bottom of the AutoCAD drawing screen, writing:
Command: '_limits
Reset Model space limits:
Specify the lower left corner or [ON / OFF] <0.0,0.0>:
Press the ENTER button once to accept the standard coordinates <0.00,0.00>.

3. At the command prompt written the next area,
Specify upper right corner <12.0,9.0>: Press
ENTER button once to accept the default coordinates <12.00,9.00>.

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