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Here we will learn to use the GRID and SNAP options to restrict the movement of the cursor to the screen.
GRID and SNAP is located at the bottom of the screen image area AutoCAD.Ketika corresponding button is highlighted,
ACTIVE specific options. These buttons act as a switch to switch; each click of
button will switch ON or OFF option. Using the buttons are a quick and easy to
make changes to options.
We can turn the option on and off in the middle of another command.
1. GRID button in the Status Bar to activate the GRID option, at the command prompt, written "" is also displayed.
2. Move the cursor inside the graphics window, and estimate the distance between the grid points by watching the screen coordinates at the bottom of the screen.
GRID option creates the pattern of dots that extends over an area on the screen.
Using a grid similar to placing a sheet of paper under the picture box.
Grid is not displayed in the image plot.

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