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Graphic screen menu bar 2012

AutoCAD Title Bar
Is the title bar of the AutoCAD program.
The title bar is analogous to the title bar in Windows programs.
Contains writings AutoCAD and file names that are active at this time.

Graphic screen menu bar
graphic screen menu bar or pull down menu is the menu in the windows system used to access the AutoCAD commands.
Here you will see a drop-down menu that contains functions for using AutoCAD, among other commands for drawing, change the settings, store and display image files and so on

standard Toolbar
Standard Toolbar are buttons that contain AutoCAD commands that can be used quickly and practically.
Standard Toolbar offers users a simple way to control AutoCAD without memorizing a lot of technical command and option names.
Standard Toolbar is usually positioned below the screen menu bar and allows you access to some of the options icons including New, Open, Save, Plot, etc.
Standard toolbar can be moved or positioned anywhere on the screen or 'turned off' if not needed.
It is recommended that the Standard toolbar is displayed at all times and positioned below the screen as the default menu bar.

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