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AutoSnap and AutoTrack AutoCD 2012

AutoSnap feature, first introduced in AutoCAD Release 14, served until this time has been significantly improved in AutoCAD 2012, so we are in without touching the keyboard, we can be more intuitive and efficient and accurate in making designs on a new geometry based on an existing image objects.
AutoSnap, Ortho, and the Point XY Filter features included in all new and features AutoTracking Polar,
and this can reduce the time we draw.
Behavioral choices and Tangent Perpendicular OSNAP amended to allow more flexibility in version 2012. Now when editing cope with the endpoint of the line and vertices of polylines AutoCAD allows you to choose some locks of points based on cursor position. In other words AutoCAD OSNAP points is to create objects tangent or perpendicular and tangent or perpendicular to the handle at the points selected. This icon is displayed OSNAP marker at each point that you can move the cursor.

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