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The settings for new drawings.

Here we can start a new image by using an existing file standartnya of AutoCAD software
that is based on the template image file.
Rights have been saving all the settings for the drawing and may also include predefined layers,
dimensions, and views. We can AutoCAD drawing with default settings.
We can also make a complex template to avoid making the same basic setup and draw over and over again.
All rights are distinguished from other image files with file extension. Dwt. These files are stored in the templates directory.

Steps we need to do in create a default drawing template is:
From the menu bar> select Tools> Options and click the File tab.
Then Double-click the item template settings.
Further Double-click the file name for an item Default Template QNEW.
Click the File Name list under the Default Template for items QNEW
Click Browse to select the template that we want.
Click OK to close the Options dialog box.

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