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rotate the object

We can rotate an object with ease with Autocad. By determining the angle of rotation, we can enter angle values ​​in accordance with the wishes, positive angle rotates the object counterclockwise or clockwise, depending on the Drawing Units dialog box.
We can rotate the object by determining the relative angle using one of two methods:
With enter the value of rotation angle 0-360 degrees.
Drag the object around a point basis and determine the second point. Turning on the Ortho and Polar Tracking.

To rotate the object

From the Modify menu, select Rotate.
Select the object to rotate or Select objects to rotate, right click on the image area, and select rotate
Specify the base point for rotation.
Do one of the following:
1. Enter the rotation angle.
2. Drag the object around the basic point and determine a point location to rotate the object

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