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In the Autocad, We can create duplicates of objects with a certain distance from the original object.
We can set the distance and direction by two points, the first point called a base point and second point is the transfer point.
These points can be found anywhere in the picture.
We can also copy objects using the relative distance by entering the coordinates for the first point and press ENTER to
The second point of displacement, AutoCAD will use coordinates as a displacement relative value than the basic point.
Objects that we select will be copied to the new location is determined by the relative coordinate value that we entered.
Do not include the @ sign as usual for the relative coordinate because of the relative coordinates are expected.
With Multiple choice, we can copy the object to a few times without leaving the COPY command.

To copy objects
From the Modify menu, select Copy.
Select the object to be copied.
Specify the base point.
Define the second point of displacement.

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