AutoCAD provides three other ways to draw a circle.
Draw a Circle Tangent to Other Objects
Tangent point is the point at which an object without touching other objects that intersect it. To create a circle that intersect with other objects, select the object and then specify the radius of the circle.
To create a circle tangent at three points
To make the circle tangent at three points, set to run the object is locked (OSNAP) for Tangent and three-point method to create a circle.

3P (Three Points) 3P (Three Points)
Draw a circle based on three points on the circumference.
Specify first point on the circle:
Specify a point (1)
Determine the point on the second circle: Specify a point (2)
Determine the point on the third circle: Specify a point (3)

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  • In the Autocad, We can create duplicates of objects with a certain distance from the original object.
    We can set the distance and direction by two points, the first point called a base point and second point is the transfer point.
    These points can be found anywhere in the picture.
    We can also copy objects using the relative distance by entering the coordinates for the first point and press ENTER to
    The second point of displacement, AutoCAD will use coordinates as a displacement relative value than the basic point.
    Objects that we select will be copied to the new location is determined by the relative coordinate value that we entered.
    Do not include the @ sign as usual for the relative coordinate because of the relative coordinates are expected.
    With Multiple choice, we can copy the object to a few times without leaving the COPY command.

    To copy objects
    From the Modify menu, select Copy.
    Select the object to be copied.
    Specify the base point.
    Define the second point of displacement.

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  • In determining the distance, the relationship between the two points, we can use
    The distance between them
    The angle between the points in the XY plane
    The angle of the points of the XY plane
    Delta, or modified, X, Y, and Z the distance between them

    To perform the calculation of distance and angle in the picture,
    From the Tools menu, select Inquiry. Then select the distance.
    Determine the first and second points that we want to calculate distances.
    AutoCAD displays a brief report on the command line.

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  • You can use TEXT to enter several lines of text that you can rotate, justify, and resize. As you type at the Enter Text prompt, the text you are typing is displayed on the screen. Each line of text is a separate object. To end a line and begin another, press ENTER after entering characters at the Enter Text prompt. To end TEXT, press ENTER without entering any characters at the Enter Text prompt.
    By applying a style to the text, you can use a variety of character patterns or fonts that you can stretch, compress, make oblique, mirror, or align in a vertical column.
    Draw menu: Text Single Line Text
    Command line: text
    Current text style: current Current text height: current
    Specify start point of text or [Justify/Style]: Specify a point or enter an option

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  • Mirroring creates a mirror image of objects. It is useful for creating symmetrical objects because you can quickly draw half the object and then mirror it instead of drawing the entire object.
    You flip objects about an axis called a mirror line to create a mirror image. To specify this temporary mirror line, you enter two points. You can choose whether to delete or retain the original objects. Mirroring works in any plane parallel to the XY plane of the current UCS.
    When you mirror text, attributes, and attribute definitions, they are reversed or turned upside down in the mirror image. To prevent this, set the MIRRTEXT system variable to 0 (off). Text then has the same alignment and justification as before the mirroring. Compare the following illustrations.

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